What is this Amity


Adonai Ha´Aretz Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Amity is a part of The Kabbalistic Society of Bnei Baruch, founded by Rav Michael Laitman.


The function of The Amity is to practice the teaching of Bnei Baruch and continue disseminating the wisdom, with the purpose of helping people to attain the lifeforce that they might be needing.  Together with our brilliant instructors, we mentor The Authentic Kabbalah method of Rav Michael Laitman.  We have organized so that you will have everything, from basic to Advance courses of The Wisdom, that will strengthen your kabbalistic foundation as we practice it together.

While many may exprience conflict, disagreement and separation in life, the wisdom of kabbalah says there is only love & unity, and while our science tries to champion over sicknesses, kabbalah says there is no such thing as ailment, but only health - it´s all about changing our perception, which is The Amity´s purpose in sharing The Wisdom of Reception, in order to help people who need reinforcement in life and percept all goodness created for man.




When it comes to authenticity in kabbalah, the question perhaps is rather WHAT MAKES IT AUTHENTIC.


Kabbalah is the wisdom of receiving God´s Grace & alliance from The Upper Force. It is literally a utilization of The Force of God, which makes it important to know that there is first one essential "key & license" to acquire and hold in order to give you the right to use (receive) The Force of God properly,


Otherwise it is like exploiting the generous provision of your parents without sincerely recognizing and loving them first. It´s plain rude and disrespectful, which your "bread of shame", as it is called in kabbalah, will consequently kick in and that is what mostly makes kabbalah turned ineffective and rather destructive in the long run.


This method to acquire this essential "key" to have the right to utilize The Force of God is what makes a kabbalah method authentic, when it has made you into a "licensed kabbalist". And as far as I know, only one Kabbalistic Institute teaches this method, and it´s Bnei Baruch. Join us now. Sign up for free membership in our virtual Amity and learn The right way to exercise Kabbalah!