Open House for Basic Kabbalah

Open Class for Basic Kabbalah with Free Mentorship

... what you´re about to learn is the key to the power of Kabbalah,

which will change your perception of reality.

Lesson: 16 videos

Start: 8 april 2019

No registration needed,

just follow the link below:

Course: Kabbalah Revealed by Tony Kosinec

Start: 8 April 2019

Lesson: 16

Frequency: 1 lesson per week every Monday

Description: Open virtual class for Basic Kabbalah

Method: of Rav Michael Laitman of Bnei Baruch

Mentorship: Yes

Guiding Questions:

There will be guiding questions given alongside each lesson which will lead you through understanding the lessons, and which will help gradually shift your reality.

Free Mentorship: 

After the 3rd lesson,you will be provided with free mentorship that will prepare you to your kabbalah practice later on, if you choose to continue this path.

Free Mentorship

Mentorship: Guides you to understanding Kabbalah

18 April 2019, 8pm CET

Mentorship: How does Kabbalah applies in your daily life. It´s not how most people believe it works ....

18 april 2019, 8 pm  CET

Mentorship: Q&A

Ask all your questions so far ....

18 April 2019, 8pm CET

Free mentorship will be provided after the 3rd lesson, and every Thursday thereon.

Mentorship will guide you:

  • to your understanding of Kabbalah
  • on Kabbalah in  your daily life
  • and help you with all your questions so far

Dateline: Thursday, 18 April 2019,

Time: 8pm Central Europe Time.

Place: Virtual ( Zoom ID will be provided here soon before 25 April )

If you doesn`t have zoom account, please open one now. It´s free. @